Posted August 1, 2017

VCA Short Film Screening on Fed TV

Calling all film afficienados – we will be screening Victorian College of the Art’s first year film students’ annual short film compilation on the Big Screen from 3-25 August.

Early in the first semester of their three-year course, VCA students are allowed 90 minutes to shoot a one-minute, B&W, silent film. The film must tell a story in one continuous take with no editing.

There will be a number of short films to watch from emerging Australian talent with the soft launch on 3 August at 4:30pm along with regular screenings during intervals on Fed TV until 25 August.

You can expect to see the following works:

Take It Away – Athina Wilson
Scratchie – Ben Head
Toast – Bridget Doyle
A Man With A Knife – Gabriel Stephenson
Toasted – Gwen Lin
Shoot – Maddie Mytkowski
Ignorance – Mark Lasky Davidson
Oh, Possum! – Matthew Neumann
Oh, Loretta! – Nyssa Mitchell
Not Everything Is Black And White – Pablo Wilcox
Matchbox – Patrick Whelan
Newtons First Law – Selina Zhang
Sheep – Shannon Anderson
Silent Disco – Thomas Farnill
Codename: Cheese – Tyrie Aspinall

See just how creative these filmmakers can get with a little training, a short amount of time, and a lot of restrictions.