Posted March 18, 2017

The Nook: Fed Square's newest pop-up venue

Find yourself at home in Fed Square’s newest pop-up venue – The Nook. Right in the heart of Melbourne, yet hidden from the rush of city life, and fashioned as a mid-century sitting room with comfortable retro chairs and a couch, the Nook’s design is in direct contrast with Fed Square’s contemporary architecture, giving it a unique character and creating a novel retreat within the Atrium.


The Nook is a place where people can connect with each other, learn new skills, work on shared community projects, or just take a moment out of their day to relax. Activated on a regular basis by local groups who meet to share their love of knitting, embroidery, paper-craft and more, the Nook is a cosy corner in the heart of the city where friends converge and newcomers are always welcome.

When not hosting one of the many groups who use the Nook, the space offers a free Little Library where people can read, take, or leave a book in the spirit of community sharing.