Posted November 2, 2016

Instagram Takeover with @danielsortino

See Fed Square through the eyes of Instagrammer, Daniel Sortino. He took over Fed Square’s Instagram account for a week, with unrestricted access to the rooftops and back-of-house areas underneath the plaza.

Daniel shares his experience being Fed Square’s resident Instagrammer with the Q&A below.

What was it like taking pictures at Fed Square?

It was awesome taking photos at Fed Square. Having special unrestricted access to all areas, including the rooftops, provided perspectives of Melbourne that I would otherwise not have been able to capture, making it very exciting for me.

What was your favourite spot in Fed Square to photograph?

My favourite spot in Fed Square to photograph was the areas behind the facades. I really enjoyed seeing the inner structure of the architecture.

What did you learn about Fed Square that you didn’t know before the Takeover?

Something I learned about Fed Square that I didn’t know before the takeover was what was beneath the Square. I didn’t know there is a 1.2km maze of corrugated concrete called “The Labyrinth” that is used to passively heat and cool Fed Square.

What other spots around Melbourne do you like to photograph?

I enjoy photographing the architecture in Melbourne. I often shoot interiors during the daytime, seeking out symmetry and leading lines, and the cityscape from along the Yarra during sunrise, sunset and dusk. One of my favourite spots to capture Melbourne’s cityscape is from above at Eureka Skydeck.

What do you like about Instagram versus other social media platforms?

My experience of Instagram is that it is full of like-minded people who are positively engaged with the platform. In Melbourne especially, there is a large community of photographers, all with different styles and different takes on this great city of ours. It is inspiring to see how other photographers capture Melbourne.

Anything else you would like to share?

Fed Square is one of those places that offers something new with every visit and during my takeover I thoroughly enjoyed exploring areas that I had never been before. Thanks Fed Square!